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Orion Tools

Experience a new standard of automation with Orion Tools. Elevate your reselling game to the next level.

Why Choose Us

Top of the line Tools

Whether its Nike, Raffles, Solving 3DS or anything else! Liquid has you COVERED!

Video Guides

We pride ourselves in support by not only having in depth writte guides for all modules but also video guides produced by KaiKicks

Lightning Fast CLI

Top of the line Tools to aid you in your reselling journey including Nike Gen + Tools, Account Gens, 3DS Solvers, Win Checkers, and 30+ more tools.


We are not just a Tool Bot, we also provide support for raffle sites such as END Launches and Mesh full with gen and entry so that you will never miss a hyped raffle drop again.

Enter Raffles

At the best stores

We provide you with the ability to enter Raffles at the most hype stores for th emost hyped drops so you never miss a drop and can keep growing your business.

Account Generator
Session Saver (No re-logins)
Ultra Fast Entry
Support from the best raffle botters
Solve 3DS

While you sleep..

Accept payments for your huge hits while focusing on other things that are more important than accepting 3ds such as your Nike Botting (or sleeping)

Rev Personal
Rev Business
Rev Gen
Session Saver
Schedule Tasks

Ultra Fast Tools

Customers have generated and edited over 50,000 Nike accounts with Orion Tools. We provide Gen, Payment Adder, Address Adder, Phone Verifier, Clip Checker, Account Deleter and we do it well.

Session Saver
No Clips
Fully Automated
1800+ Customers Since Launch

People Love Using Orion Tools

"Best toolbox out there for the price been very useful and the staff are great would highly recommend! Helped me sort a few things out and Orion Tools has been key to me"


Liquid Customer

"One of the best raffle generators out there amazing to be part of the community. What a goated tool!"


Liquid Customer

"Brilliant tool, works very well if you follow all of the steps and if at any moment you are struggling with something the devs will be right there helping you with everything. Couldnt recommend it more, especially for the price."


Liquid Customer






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